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Which brand of Pu'er tea is good, and which brand is good for the top ten brands of Pu'er tea? , Ranking of Top Ten Puer Tea Famous Brands

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the top ten Puer Tea Famous Brands, so the editor has compiled 2 related introductions to Pu’er Let's take a look at the answers to the top ten famous brands of tea. Which brand of Pu'er tea is good, and which brand is good for the top ten brands of Pu'er tea? The difference between the top ten brands of Pu'er tea? Which brand of Pu'er tea is good, and which brand is good for the top ten brands of Pu'er tea? Pu'er tea is produced in Pu'er City, Yunnan Province. The loose tea and pressed tea are processed by post-fermentation using Yunnan big-leaf sun-dried green tea as raw material. The appearance is brownish red, and the inner substance is red and bright. Pu'er tea has the effects of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, anti-aging, nourishing the stomach, protecting the stomach, losing weight and beautifying. Drinking Pu'er tea for a long time has the effect of regulating the physical condition. Pu-erh tea can be divided into raw tea and cooked tea. Raw tea has a refreshing effect. Because it contains more tea polyphenols, insomniacs, pregnant women, people with cold and fever, and patients with gastric ulcers should not drink raw Pu-erh tea. Cooked tea has the effect of helping sleep, and the effect of losing weight is better than that of raw tea. The older the Puer tea is, the more fragrant it becomes, and the aged Puer tea has a high collection value. Factors such as the storage, brand, and origin of Pu-erh tea determine the quality of Pu-erh tea. According to the popularity of Pu'er tea and the quality of tea products, the industry ranks the existing brands of Pu'er tea. And selected some excellent Pu'er tea brands, and the top ten brands of Pu'er tea. China Tea (China Native Produce and Livestock Tea Import and Export Corporation), Dayi (Menghai Tea Factory), Fuhai (Menghai County Fuhai Tea Factory), Jiaming (Yunxian Jiamu Tea Products Co., Ltd.), Langhe (Menghai County Langhe Tea Factory) Longsheng (Yunnan Longsheng Green Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.) Longyuanhao (Xishuangbanna Ancient Chashan Tea Industry Co., Ltd.) Old Comrade (Anning Bay Tea Co., Ltd.) Yichanghao (Yunnan Changtai Tea Industry Group Corporation) and above It is one of the top ten brands of Pu'er tea. It is recommended that tea lovers choose the brand of tea, the quality of the raw materials of the tea and whether they are aged when purchasing Pu'er tea. There are many factors to choose Pu-erh tea. The editor has collected some precautions for choosing Pu-erh tea, which are only for tea lovers’ reference. Four key points: one is clear: smell its smell; the taste should be clear and must not have a musty smell. The second is pure: distinguish its color; brown is like jujube, not black like lacquer. The third is positive: keep it in its place; store it in a dry warehouse, not in a wet place. The fourth is Qi: Taste its soup; the aftertaste is mild, not mixed. Six Nos Policy: One is not to use the wrong era as a benchmark. 2. Not based on counterfeit packaging. Three don't use shades of soup as an excuse. Four not to add flavor as an illusion. Fifth, don't use bad luck as a call. Sixth, the age and leaf species of the tree are not considered. The difference between the top ten brands of Pu'er tea? 1. Dayi Tea Dayi Tea is the pioneering brand of Pu-erh tea and one of the time-honored famous tea brands in China. The popularity in the market is very high. 2. Xiaguan Tuocha is mainly engaged in Pu'er compressed tea, which was very popular in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. Since its development, it has been rated as a national famous tea for many times. 3. China Tea China Tea was established in 1949. It is a very well-known tea drink manufacturer in China. It has participated in major state events as "National Tea" many times and has a high market share. 4. Old comrades mainly focus on the production and sales of Pu'er tea, black tea, and green tea. Its tea has passed a number of quality certifications and is sold well all over the country, and is deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad. 5. Bajiao Pavilion Bajiao Pavilion was established in 1964. Its Puer tea is famous for its unique "Menghai taste". With its excellent quality and unique taste, it has developed into one of the most influential brands in the world and won the trust of customers. . 6. Chen Shenghao is a brand specializing in the production of Pu’er tea. It mainly targets the mid-to-high-end market. It has its own production base and is committed to creating the highest quality Pu’er tea. Today, its brand is also in the leading position in the world and has a high reputation. . 7. Qingfengxiang has a high reputation in the industry. Since its establishment, the brand has been adhering to the concept of rigor and perfection, and is committed to providing every customer with a good tea. It has won the favor of customers with its true quality and true value. . 8. Lancang ancient tea is a well-known tea brand integrating research and development, production and sales, and it is also one of the top ten famous Pu'er tea brands in Yunnan. It has a certain reputation in the market for its unique fragrance, excellent quality, and bright red color. share. 9. Fuhai Tea Factory Established in 1983, Fuhai Tea Factory is a well-known large-scale Pu'er tea enterprise in China. 10. Rainforest ancient tree tea Rainforest ancient tree tea is also one of the top ten top Pu-erh tea brands. It selects centuries-old trees in Yunnan and makes them by hand. They are all different, and they are all good teas. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the top ten famous brands of Pu'er tea. I hope that the 2-point answers about the top ten famous brands of Pu'er tea will be useful to everyone.

Which brand of Pu'er tea is good, and which brand is good for the top ten brands of Pu'er tea? , Ranking of Top Ten Puer Tea Famous Brands


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