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Web page making basic tutorial, making web page tutorial? , Basic tutorial books on webpage creation

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Hi everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the basic tutorials on webpage creation, so the editor has compiled 2 related introductions to the basic tutorials on webpage creation. Answer, let's take a look. Making web tutorials? Introduction to web page production tutorial HTML? Making web tutorials? The analysis is as follows: 1. First download and install Dreamweaver, open it, and create a new webpage. Generally, choose "HTML" to create a webpage. Choosing the "classic" interface will help us use this software more conveniently. 2. Select these three interfaces below, code, split, and design. Generally, the default design interface is visualized for novices, which can make web pages better. 3. Next, let's make a website and build a file on the computer as the root directory. All the files and pages of the website we build are kept in this file. The role of the site is to make the frames between your website pages clear. Also give the site a name. 4. Then create a file in the root directory of the site to store website pictures, and set the default. In this way, all the pictures you add to this website are automatically saved to this file and will not be lost. Note that the file name should be in English. Next, I will use the (basketball information network) I created to introduce, click on the basketball information network at the bottom right - pull down and click on the management site - click on advanced settings - set the default image folder to the newly created images. save. 5. Next, let's make the homepage of this website, and learn to add pictures first. Insert - image - select material to add. Click on the picture, the following properties can be edited to modify the size of the picture, add hyperlinks and so on. Below I modify the image size as a demonstration. 6. Learn to add text below. Edit "Basketball Information Network", the following properties can set the text font, add hyperlinks, etc., click page properties, you can edit the text properties in detail. 7. A web page is basically a combination of text and pictures. Adding videos requires learners to search for Dreamweaver usage videos to learn. Finally, remember to save a web page after making it. File in the upper left corner - save. 8. Finally, we learn to add hyperlinks. I use the second web page I created as a demonstration. Select the text of the basketball information website, click Properties at the bottom of the page - link - click the small file button - select the first web page, so that the text of the basketball information website turns blue. This is the internal link of the website, and on the contrary, there is an external link. Add as shown in the picture, be sure to write http://... and that's it. 9. Finally, we browse the web. File in the upper left corner - browse the webpage in the browser, click the two links in the webpage to reach the specified webpage. Introduction to web page production tutorial HTML? HTML page creation tutorial HTML: 1. The first step, open Notepad: start, click on all programs, then click on attachments, and then open Notepad 2. The second step is to edit the HTML language in Notepad, as shown in the figure: 3. Three steps, save HTML: Select "Save As" from the File menu of Notepad. When you save HTML files, you can use either the .htm or .html extension. 4. The fourth step is to run the HTML file in the browser: start your browser, and then select the "Open File" command in the "File" menu, or directly double-click your HTML file in the folder. The result should look like this: In this way, a simple web page becomes. Extended information: Hypertext Markup Language, Chinese is the hypertext link markup language. HTML (HyperTextMark-upLanguage) is Hypertext Markup Language, which is the description language of WWW. The purpose of designing the HTML language is to easily link the text or graphics stored in one computer with the text or graphics in another computer to form an organic whole, and people do not need to consider whether the specific information is stored on the current computer. Or on other computers on the network. We only need to use the mouse to click an icon in a certain document, and the Internet will immediately go to the content related to the icon, and this information may be stored in another computer on the network. HTML text is descriptive text composed of HTML commands, which can explain text, graphics, animations, sounds, tables, links, etc. The structure of HTML includes two parts: head (Head) and body (Body). The head describes the information required by the browser, while the body contains the specific content to be explained. At this point, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the basic course of webpage creation. I hope that the 2-point answer about the basic course of webpage creation will be useful to everyone.

Web page making basic tutorial, making web page tutorial? , Basic tutorial books on webpage creation


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