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This article will talk about Fengshui design and the corresponding knowledge points of Fengshui Design Company. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. A list of the contents of this article: 1. Fengshui layout for decoration 2. What are the taboos of home Fengshui layout design methods? 3. How much do you know about Fengshui common sense in interior design? What feng shui should be paid attention to in courtyard design? Feng shui layout of decoration 1. The gate of house decoration feng shui layout should pay attention to the gate of villa feng shui layout. In villa feng shui, the gate will be called the air opening, which is the most important place in the home space, and too many layouts should be paid special attention to. First, cleanliness is a must, and secondly, the size of the door is discussed. 2. What are the feng shui of the decoration layout? 3. Decoration Fengshui layout tips Opening the door from the left is auspicious. The so-called green dragon on the left and white tiger on the right, the green dragon on the left should move, and the white tiger on the right should be quiet, so all doors should be opened from the left. Should be located on the left. If the door is opened upside down, it will easily lead to family disputes. 4. What are the Feng Shui of home decoration layout? If there is a missing corner in the west of the house, if there is a missing corner or indentation in the west of the house of great ominous people, then it is a house of great ominous people and must not be moved in. 5. Home decoration layout The master bedroom should not be too large, or larger than the living room, or there is a room in the room. Because the bedroom is too big, too bright, and there are too many windows, the feng shui qi is easy to fade, the yang qi is insufficient, and the yin qi of loneliness is born. If there is too much yin qi, the relationship between husband and wife is easy to cool down, disharmony, and disputes. On the contrary, when Qi gathers, the love between husband and wife is strong. 6. Decoration Fengshui layout tips From the perspective of Fengshui, the restaurant is the same as other rooms, and the layout should be square and complete, avoiding missing or protruding corners. Rectangular or square layouts are the best and easiest to decorate. Location The dining room should be located between the living room and the kitchen, at the center of the house. What are the taboos of home feng shui layout design? Have an effective effect of gathering money. In the living room, try to avoid placing the sofa under the beam, because this may make the person who uses the sofa sick. If it cannot be changed, you can use ornaments or other methods to cover the beam. The balcony is facing the door. If the balcony is facing the door, the curtains can be closed for a long time as a barrier. The position of the entrance and exit door should not face the balcony directly, which forms the so-called piercing through the heart, and it will be difficult to accumulate wealth at home, and there will be frequent financial ruins. Home Fengshui layout taboos 1. The light in the living room If the living room is dark, you can use paintings or lights to make up for it. When landscape paintings are hung in the hall, one must watch the water flowing into the house, not outward. How much do you know about interior design feng shui? Interior decoration feng shui knowledge The best location of the living room is where the door can be seen. According to feng shui knowledge, if you need to go through the bedroom or kitchen to reach the living room after entering the door, it will make the inside and outside of the house unclear. , so that life lacks privacy, which can easily lead to work or business derailment and mistakes. The living room cannot be partitioned, because the living room is a public place and the main activity space for people. The following is the key points of interior Fengshui design. The living room is a place for family members to rest and communicate with the outside world. In all houses, the living room should be located in the front position and connected with the porch. Key points of Feng Shui and interior design 1. Exquisite photo wall, photo wall is a way to record our life fragments and increase the interest of life. Therefore, no matter how big or small the home is, trendy people can design a photo wall at home to carry A lot of slow memory fragments, creating a space full of love. 2. Feng Shui and interior design The placement of furniture should be appropriate. According to Feng Shui knowledge, the storage cabinet in the living room must be close to the wall, and the sofa must face the door or TV. Never back the door, because the back door of the sofa will make your own The interpersonal relationship is not harmonious, and it is easy to make villains or gossip with others. 3. Indoor layout Fengshui The living room is the most important public space of a family, and Fengshui is related to the wealth, career, fame and health of the whole family. The lighting in the living room must be good, and it is better to choose circular lamps. The moving line of the living room should avoid running straight or horizontally through the whole house, and it is most taboo to see the kitchen stove directly from the door. 4. Feng Shui and interior design Entrance painting The entrance is the first place to see the door, so the decoration of the entrance is very important in Feng Shui at home. Home feng shui layout design home feng shui layout design methods what indoor plants are designed according to feng shui theory feng shui design, indoor selection, broad leaves or flowers with strong vitality. Remember not to choose plants like ferns and kudzu vines. These plants are relatively shaded and are likely to provoke unclean things; also do not choose plants with thin leaves, which are easy to cause verbal disputes. Home Fengshui layout 1: The layout of the gate In Fengshui, there is a saying: "The three main purposes of the house are the door, the house, and the stove." That is to say, the gate refers to the way a person walks, and it is the only way for a person to go in and out. In a family, Feng Shui is the first to pay attention to the gate of the home. How to arrange home Feng Shui decoration? Choose the right TV background wall color: 1) When designing the TV background wall in the living room, you should pay attention to it. Do not choose too dark a color. If there is black decoration, the black area should not be too large, otherwise it will make people depressed. Below, from the perspective of home feng shui, the editor organizes feng shui and designs ten livable residential layouts for you, come and have a look. What feng shui should be paid attention to in courtyard design? 1. The feng shui layout of the courtyard should be emphasized: the color of the gate is feng shui in the feng shui design of the gate feng shui design. If Feng Shui is very particular, the door opening to the north is not suitable to be painted red. Therefore, it is good that the color of the gate corresponds to the five elements of numerology. 2. It is not suitable to plant trees for shade in the courtyard. On Feng Shui, it is not suitable to plant trees in the courtyard. The northeast and southwest of the courtyard are equivalent to the ghost gate and the inner ghost gate. Planting trees in these two locations is taboo. In addition, the big tree has deep roots and is easy to move. Feng Shui designed the structure of the house, especially this small courtyard is surrounded by walls, and there is simply not enough space for the big tree to grow. 3. The best feng shui layout of the courtyard is short on the left and long on the right, and narrow from east to west. Narrow from east to west, long from north to south, long and square courtyard The ancients believed that the courtyard is narrow from east to west, long and narrow in shape, and the overall square pattern is better. 4. First of all, the anti-theft is poor. Some people think that high walls can prevent theft and are difficult to climb. In fact, the corners of the walls are dim, especially the higher the wall, it is better to cover the sight. In addition, the high wall hinders the beauty, and the whole house looks strange from the outside, without distinction between the house and the courtyard. 5. The land of the courtyard is flat and the design is elegant, which will make people feel relaxed and comfortable, and is conducive to the prosperous population. What are the Feng Shui taboos in the courtyard and how to crack them? Taboo 1: It is not suitable to plant tall green plants in the courtyard. 6. When properly arranged flowers and trees, the Feng Shui of the whole courtyard will be more conducive to the development of health fortune. Courtyards of different sizes correspond to different numbers of courtyard doors. Therefore, the number of gates for entering and exiting the courtyard must be designed according to the area of the courtyard. For a courtyard of average size, a door is enough for Feng Shui design. This is the end of the introduction about Fengshui design and Fengshui design company. 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