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Allusions to the composition of Longjing Shrimp? , How to write a composition about Longjing Shrimp

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* Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the composition of Longjing Shrimp, so the editor has compiled a related introduction about Longjing The answer to Shrimp's composition, let us have a look together. The story of Longjing Shrimp? The story of Longjing Shrimp? The first allusion is related to Su Dongpo. According to legend, when Su Dongpo was the magistrate of Hangzhou, he had a special liking for West Lake Longjing. Later, he was transferred to Mizhou (today's cities in Shandong), but he still couldn't forget Jiangnan, so he wrote the phrase "Wangjiangnan". Among them is the sentence "Hugh thinks about the old country to the old people, and tries new tea with new fire, and takes advantage of the time with poetry and wine". In the past, people did not light fires during the Cold Food Festival, so the fire after the festival was called "new fire". The Qingming Festival is two days after the Cold Food Festival, and the quality of Longjing tea at this time is the best. The chef of Hangzhou Tianwaitian Restaurant was inspired by Su Ci, so he chose new Longjing tea and fresh river prawns as raw materials, and cooked an extremely delicious Hangzhou famous dish - "Longjing Shrimp" with new fire. The second allusion is related to Emperor Qianlong. According to legend, during the Qingming Festival that year, Emperor Qianlong was playing in the West Lake of Hangzhou. One day, when Qianlong was swimming in high spirits, the sky suddenly began to rain heavily, so he had to go to the house of a nearby village girl to avoid the wind and rain. Although the village girl didn't know the identity of the guest, she made Qianlong a cup of tea with the newly harvested Longjing in her usual hospitable style. After Qianlong drank the tea, he suddenly felt that the tongue coating was fragrant and the aftertaste was endless, so he wanted to take some tea back to taste slowly. But as the emperor, it was inconvenient for him to ask for it, so he secretly grabbed a handful of tea and hid them in the dragon robe when the village girl was not paying attention. After a while, the weather cleared after the rain, Qianlong bid farewell to the village aunt's house, and continued to play by the West Lake. When the sun was setting, Qianlong felt hungry and thirsty, so he came to a small hotel by the West Lake. After Qianlong finished ordering, he suddenly remembered the Longjing tea in his casual clothes, so he called the waiter in the shop to make tea. Just as Qianlong picked up his casual clothes to take tea, the waiter in the shop caught a glimpse of the dragon robe under the casual clothes and was immediately startled. After the waiter took the tea, he hurried into the kitchen and informed the owner who was cooking. At that time, the owner was frying shrimp. When he heard that the current sage was coming, he was so panicked for a moment that he mistook the Longjing tea brought by the shop waiter for chopped green onion. In a panic, the shopkeeper chopped the tea leaves into fine pieces and sprinkled them into the pot, making the original scallion mixed with shrimps become tea stewed shrimps. Surprisingly, when this plate of stewed shrimp with tea was served in front of Qianlong, Qianlong greatly appreciated it. Looking at the fresh and crystal clear shrimp, smelling the tangy fragrance of Longjing, Qianlong tasted it alone. After he took a bite, he felt delicious and delicious, so he repeatedly praised, "Good food! Good food!" . Soon thereafter, Longjing Shrimp appeared on the menu of "Lou Wai Lou", and became famous in Hangzhou city for a while, becoming the most famous special dish in Hangzhou, and began to spread all over the country. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the composition of Longjing shrimp. I hope that the one-point answer about the composition of Longjing shrimp will be useful to everyone.

Allusions to the composition of Longjing Shrimp? , How to write a composition about Longjing Shrimp


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